Mobile knowledge management on the shopfloor

Hands-free knowledge documentation, accessible anytime and anywhere


EVOASSIST is a mobile knowledge management system for smart glasses and tablets which allows experts to document knowledge as an image or video directly while working and to rapidly create visual instructions.


How it works

EVOASSIST enables experienced employees to document their knowledge directly at work, whereby valuable expertise is retained. Providing language-independent, inutitive instructions reduces time spent on repairs and training, at the same increasing efficiency in service, maintenance and production.

Efficiently document knowledge
Documenting knowledge

Experienced employees easily document their work steps with smart glasses or a tablet while performing their usual tasks.

Editing knowledge

Image-based instructions and training videos can be created on-site and can be supplemented with notes and comments.

Allocating knowledge

The EVOASSIST Content Management System allows rapid and flexible allocation of documented knowledge to specific contexts such as products or plants.

Effectively apply knowledge
Retrieving content

Easily find content in the system by scanning, for example, QR codes or by manual search using smart glasses or tablets.

Displaying content

All context-relevant information is supplied in the form of instructions, annotated photos and videos.

Assessing content

The usefulness of content can easily be rated and is prioritised in the next search.


EVOASSIST facilitates the efficient, company-wide transfer of relevant knowledge across sites. Our customers use EVOASSIST in the following areas:

On-the-job training

Supporting new employees and temporary staff with image-based, intuitive and language-independent digital instructions.

Digital plant documentation

Digital machine and plant documentation can easily
be provided for service technicians and as a service for customers.

Documentation of repairs

Documentation of repairs and set-up processes, even under high time pressure and stress.

Documented maintenance

Documented maintenance and guided maintenance walkthroughs, including checklists and  reverse documentation.


What knowledge should your experts and general staff document?

Hardware & systems

EVOASSIST can be used with commercially available tablets and a selection of smart glasses  – there is no need to purchase expensive specialised hardware. EVOASSIST currently supports the following smart glass models: HMT-1 (by Realwear and Barcotec), Google Glass EnterpriseVuzix M300, ODG R-7 and Microsoft HoloLens.

Google Glass Enterprise
Vuzix M300
Microsoft HoloLens
Samsung Tab Active2


We can help you choose the device that will best suit you.


EVOASSIST is a product of EVOLARIS next level GmbH. The digital assistance systems developed by EVOLARIS put the user into focus through a perfect user experience and increase the added value of companies. EVOLARIS is a subsidiary of Kapsch BusinessCom and AVL List GmbH. More information can be found on our website:


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